About Us

Lemon Grass - The key ingredient in bringing out the best flavors on our appetizing, mouth-watering menu. It is what makes "The Lemon Grass Grill" food truck. Coupled with ounces of lemon grass, a passion for cooking, and our secret home-made recipes... this is how our food truck was created.‎

Vietnamese Food Truck Downtown Edmonton Churchill Square
We wanted to give our customers the best tasting authentic Vietnamese food they could grab outdoors while taking in the fresh air and sunshine. What better way to experience Vietnamese cuisine then by enjoying chicken skewers on a bed of vermicelli, fresh bean sprouts, cucumbers, and lettuce topped off with our special fish sauce fresh off the grill on the streets of downtown Edmonton!!

The Lemon Grass Grill offers great street eats - a perfect reason to escape outdoors and enjoy our short summer days… with tasty cuisine, pleasant company and an enjoyable experience.

Lemon Grass may be derived from 45 types of grasses, but our food truck is derived from three key ingredients - authenticity, culture, and loads of love.

Come visit The Lemon Grass Grill food truck today at our daily lunch stop on 107 street and 100 Avenue or look for us at your favorite local event.

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We look forward to serving you 🙂